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Svetlana Peunova will answer questions on December 21st on-line

Svetlana Peunova will answer questions on December 21st on-line

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About us
Svetlana Peunova Academy of Development has worked successfully for more than 15 years, if consider from the date of foundation of the Complementary Medicine Center, which the Academy has transformed from. Academy courses are based on the Author`s Method of the candidate of psychological sciences - a Method of  social stress resistance  and drug-free recovery of health by Svetlana Peunova.

The Method proved itself as extremely effective in all the spheres of person`s life. It is not only the method of regaining natural harmonious functional status of human body, social rehabilitation,  coping with interpersonal communication problems. But also it is one of the practical methods amicable and mobile in problem-solving collective formation, creation of a command of adherents. The Academy has gained profound expertise in practical application of the Method by Svetlana Peunova. It is effective in problem solving not only among  the Academy students and readers of Svetlana Peunova`s books, but also among their acquaintances, they just followed several advice of those, who know about the method.

Through Apocalypse: part 2 (The Bioenergetics)
When was the last time you looked around and asked yourself, "Is there anything I don't know about this life in general?" If something is invisible, it does not mean it does not exist. Think about high-frequency current, radio and TV waives.....

Human body and our brains also emit electromagnetic waves, but classical science denies this fact. Do you know why? Who possess information, possesses the world. But if you want to survive in this fast changing world, you need to know some key principles of bioenergetics.

What is a soul of a man? Why does our life depend on the sun? How to protect yourself from such phenomenon like rural magic. What kind of effect does a prayer have on people?
Got interested, it is only a beginning...

Through Apocalypse: part 1 (The Space)
Through Apocalypse: part 3 (The World Government)

I always listened to the heart, not the circumstances

I always listened to the heart, not the circumstances She has the Character - not like every person has, but like a spring: everyone tries to squeeze her, but she straightens again. Svetlana Peunova was 17 years old, when she was tired of constant headaches, and she chose her own way of being health by refusing to take strong drugs. She intuitively understood: health - is not a goal, it is a consequence of lifestyle and thinking. Perhaps from this personal experience began her author's method of non-drug rehabilitation. It has become a purpose of her life - filling all her time to be difficult, interesting, and joyfull. She helps to live, to think, so do her books. Today more than ten thousand people - the students of Academy of Developing (Growth), readers of her books - can confirm this fact.
We are intervewing with the candidate of psychological sciences, social figure, the adviser of the Academy of Growth Svetlana Mikhailovna Peunova.

- Svetlana Mikhailovna, you are teaching how to heal themselves, writing a poetry, participating in political life of your country, your books reads whole Russia, please tell us about yourself?
-I'm probably the researcher-practitioner, who has made a useful discovery and has passed it to others. So happily coincided: all people have their own problems or situations when you need to solve the questions, but I like to explore the life, the causes of problems which everybody has and seek the ways of their rational successful solutions. My mother is a teacher of physics, father - an officer, brother - the candidate of Mathematical and Physical Sciences ...So maybe it was predestined that exploratory in nature and ability to achieve the target have combined in me. I work with people from eight in the morning until eleven at night, without weekends and holidays. And it is precisely this fact that practice life creates my non-drug method of restoring health to which I have received a patent of the Russian Federation, and confirmed his Ph.D. thesis.

Character of illness or illness from character?
Character of illness or illness from character? When people suppress everyone around them, it has an impact on the spine; diseases that limit the person’s mobility, such as osteochondrosis and Bekhterev's disease, come. And, again only the realization can help you fight them...

An abnormally flexible spine (when the vertebrae do not stay in place) is an indication of complete lack of self-confidence – the person cannot and does not want to lean and rely on himself only. If the person has a hernia or a cyst, there is hurt pride on top of stubbornness. Children’s herniae get healed very quickly. There was a case where one girl received healing in half the course of studies. But because grown ups cannot let their embarrassment and hurt pride go, their herniae are very difficult to heal.

Reserve and overwhelming feelings of embarrassment cause skin diseases, too. The person that feels shy and awkward about himself and tries to hide from other people, only has these feelings increased.

We and the Space
We and the Space You are responsible for the space around you. It is very important that you understand that in your heart. You feel the space around you; it is calm and serene – it is your life field. You breathe with your space, and every person approaching you suddenly feels peace, love, and harmony. It is like when you suddenly get into a quiet harbor after a violent storm. And any person that approaches you will want to stay near you.

Then another one will come up and want to stay too. Their weary hearts and auras will begin to calm down, and they too will begin looking around: where do they live? What do they live? It is because you think about that. It is only with peace and love, and with your own life style that you can change another person for the better; you can never do that by preaching to them or saying all the right words. There have been so many of them spoken over thousands of years! And yet not one word has truly entered a person’s heart if he did not feel it with his hearts.

The serenity and harmony of the space is constantly disturbed by people, and that is a sin. How do we disturb the beauty of the word? First of all, we do that with envy: we shoot an arrow at the person that we are jealous of. We do that by feeling offended: an arrow is shot at the person that offended us. We disturb the space by being dissatisfied with ourselves, by which we hurt ourselves. Therefore, the first thing that the students of our Academy learn to do is find peace in their hearts.
What you feel does not affect only you. Control yourself in everything: in feelings, thoughts, words, and actions. With your energies you often disturb the harmony of other people and the Space. Control your thoughts – they too are energies, only of a higher order.

What is fear?
What is fear? What is fear and where does it come from? In fact, fear is the most powerful magnet, it is like a wall socket, it is inconspicuous but its electromagnetic emissions are very strong. If a person sleeps near a socket, it will have effect on his health in the end. It is like slight vibrations that slowly but surely destroy a building. It is this inconspicuous constant fear – lest something bad should occur – that attracts misfortune.

Everyone must realize that they are the masters of their life, that they can overcome everything and that their strength is immense. If a person is repeatedly told every day that he is going to die on a certain day at a certain time, that is what is going to happen; the person will believe that. It all comes from words, from believing, from fear. Therefore, all fears must go, and for them to go, one needs to consider them carefully and understand that they are all absolutely groundless.
Even when a danger is real, the best way to overcome this danger is to have no fear, to not let even a bit of fear come over you. What would have happened, if the Russian Army had been afraid when fighting in Moscow, Stalingrad, or Brest? Fear is a powerful outflow of energy; it takes away all of your vital energy. Fear can be overcome with faith. We are part of the space. Mentally, look around you, feel that you are part of it. We consist of energies, the energies of the space go through us, we give our energy to the space and, in turn, it gives us its energy too.

Fearing for ourselves makes us the center of the world, and that is the biggest misconception.

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